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Welcome to the Vision5 european Gaming Community

Who are we?

The Vision5 eOGC is a project formerly hosted by the company Vision5, but now financed privately. It is an open community for gamers to connect and play together. Current members are mainly from europe (e.g. Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, etc).

Who can join?

Everyone is welcome to join. Speaking/writing English is appreciated as it is a common language most our members know or at least understand. We are an open community, so there is no mandatory participation and no membership is required to use our TeamSpeak 3 server. Also, a membership in an online-clan or another community is no barrier to join and play with us.

What games do we play?

We play everything and anything that our community members want to play. This goes from League of Legends to Battlefield 4, Minecraft and many more. We can host gameservers, if possible, for games played by 5 or more members of the community. If there is a gameserver you would like us to provide, please contact our admins on TeamSpeak.

Where do we meet?

We usually meet on and hang out at our TeamSpeak 3 server. It can be reached using IPs such as vision5.eu, vision5.org or

What does it cost?

There are no costs associated with an open community membership: it is completely free!

What are the benefits of a membership and how do I become a member?

A membership currently gives you a red V icon and allows you to create your own channels within the Member Area of our TeamSpeak. In the future voice-rights on TeamSpeak may be limited for non-members. There is also a possibility of getting a vision5.eu email-address).

How do I become a member?

To become a member please enter your name on our TeamSpeak server as "Nickname // Firstname" and contact a TeamSpeak admin (blue or purple V icon).


Feel free to visit us on Facebook for additional information. We will always try to help you, if you speak to us on TeamSpeak. Please mind your language and behaviour for a peaceful atmosphere.

Webmaster: Richard Meyer
Lohe 22
23845 Oering (Germany)
+49 (0)152 0178 2468